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I've loaded Simplifi with my many accounts within the last month.  I have tried several of the online personal finance options over the last few months including Mint, Personal Capital, and others.  I currently maintain 24 accounts including banking, credit cards, investments, and a mortgage.  Two of my primary evaluating factors are the ability to maintain connections to financial institutions over time without constant user attention such as account re-linking and the timely downloading of transactions for each account; cleared/pending. They both go hand in hand and are critical for the best basic user experience.    

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    As a former Quicken user myself, welcome to Simplifi!

    In your evaluation of Simplifi, you might find these posts interesting.  This one (click here) is a comparison of Quicken vs. Simplifi and this one (click here) is about the timely downloading of transactions  in Simplifi.

    Personally, I think you made a great choice!
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    Welcome JC! 

    Personally, I've used all of the products you mentioned. The way Simplifi manages a spending plan is unique and makes managing my finances super easy. Feel free to hit me up any time with questions; going on a year and a half with the product!
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    Hi @JC. Welcome to Simplifi!  How is your evaluation going.  I've been using Simplifi since January and as I've learned and used the program my initial impressions that this is a very good personal budgeting and planning app have been confirmed.
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