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So I have annual bill for WA Department of licensing for car tags I just got an email on.  It’s not due until 8-6-22. So I could not set it up as a bill so went over to subscriptions and set the occurrence to annual. I put the date in for 8-6 and then dialog said save as a bill or subscription?   I selected Bill as that’s what this really is.   It saved it but there is no way to even see it as it doesn’t occur until August.   

What am I missing?

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    Hi @MoneySkeets

    It's great that you set it us as Recurring Transaction so it will show up in your Spending Plan annually in August (and in July by going one month forward).  In the meantime, for the rest of the year, if you need to find it again for some reason, you have a few ways to do that.

    Option A:  Go to "Upcoming"...

    Option B:  Go to Settings > Recurring.

    Using either of these ways, you can adjust/edit the original recurring transaction by clicking into the three stacked dots to the right of the transaction.

    Both of these are available on the Mobile App & on the Desktop.

    Let me know if I didn't understand your original question. 
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    Great answer and thank you!!!
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    Hi @MoneySkeets, you may also want to consider setting up a savings goal for you DMV tags so that the expense is spread out over 12 months.
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