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Hello, I have several closed accounts (individual CDs) that are maturing, and I'm noticing that they still display on the dashboard noted as "closed" with a zero balance.  Is there a way to exclude these, to clean up the account list on my dashboard?


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    Hi @drakej I only have one closed account showing up in Simplifi and it is related to an old investment account that we cashed out a few years ago before I started using Simplifi.  When I connected our brokerage bank to Simplifi this closed account was imported along with our active accounts.  After reading your comment I poked around in Simplifi and, yep, couldn't find a way to hide this closed and obsolete account from my Simplifi Account list.

    I'm going to bookmark your post so I can check in when others comment or one the coaches checks in on this.  It it's not currently possible to hide closed accounts, maybe you can make this a feature request.
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    Hello @drakej,

    Thanks for posting your inquiry to the Community!

    Sadly, the ability to hide accounts is not yet available in Simplifi. This ability has been requested to our Product Team, however, and we have an existing post here in the Community that can be followed for updates. Feel free to add your vote and feedback as well. 


    I hope this helps! 

    -Coach Natalie
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