About to give up on this, spent SO much time trying to get it to work

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Worst of all, I just finished my trial period and paid for the entire year because I thought if I kept at it, I could get it to do what I want!   

Bottom line - I almost only care about the spending plan part of the app, and the projected cash flow, and I am starting to get the sense that that is not Simplifi's strongest suite.  Better said, I don't think Simplifi does very well with existing credit card debt.  

If you have say $5K in existing cc debt on multiple cards, and start using Simplifi, you have some hard choices to make IMO (and apparently I have made the wrong ones, because none of the numbers I have seen in Simplifi (available to spend, etc), even come close to my back of napkin numbers and reality.  

All I care about is being able to pay down credit card debt as aggressively as possible, using two paychecks, and not go below a zero balance (let's say below $300 for a little cushion).  

I have spent hours working on it, and spent at least one hour if not more with a coach trying to help make Simplifi work to that end, but it's so confusing (and I fully appreciate how complex this stuff is...surprised in some ways that it works as much as it does).

If anyone has some tips or tricks about how to use Simplifi in this way, please let me know!



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    Hi @BruceInCola,

    Full disclosure, I don’t understand the Cash Flow portion of Simplifi yet; I don’t understand how someone would know how much money is truly available to put towards a CC debt.  However, I do have Simplifi set up to the point where I can confidently say using the Projected Balance that on 7/6/2022, my checking accounting is going to have $12.56 and, then, on 7/6/2022, that $12.56 is actually going to be in the account - getting you part of the way there.  Is the Projected Balance one of the numbers you’re having troubles with?

    This post (click here) lays out how I got to that point.

    Do let me know if this isn’t helpful and I’ll try to assist the best I can.  Also, some of the other users in this forum understand the Cash Flow portion much better than I so if I can’t help, I’m sure someone can.
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    Hello @BruceInCola,

    Thanks for posting!

    Hopefully some other users come along with great feedback and advice on how they've handled paying down credit card debt in Simplifi, however, in the meantime, you may consider checking out some existing Idea posts regarding debt tracking/payoff features, and adding your vote and feedback accordingly. 



    I think it may also be helpful for you to post any specific questions that you may have when it comes to using the Projected Cash Flow to pay off credit card debt. It sounds like you've already worked with Simplifi Support pretty extensively, however, posting your questions and expectations here may help give other Simplifiers a better idea of how to help. :smile:

    -Coach Natalie


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    "However, I do have Simplifi set up to the point where I can confidently say using the Projected Balance that on 7/6/2022, my checking accounting is going to have $12.56 and, then, on 7/6/2022, that $12.56 is actually going to be in the account"

    I would be fine with that, like you said, it's part of the way there (really most of the way).  If I could count on that number being accurate, I would be happy.   My numbers seem to be ALL over the place currently. 

    Will read the linked post, thanks! 

    FWIW the coach made some pretty radical suggestions which I followed (and I was glad he was taking the time, and thinking outside the box).  Basically I nuked everything in the spending plan that was not being drawn from my checking account.  Any bills or subs that were not paid from checking...deleted.  That leaves the credit card payments and a few other items.  

    If you just follow the prompts and put things in "Other Spending" and "planned Spending" and even BILLS that are drawn from credit cards...you are screwing yourself (and your numbers) as far as I can tell.  

    The coach made it seem like I had a very highly unusual situation, but surely I am not the only one wanting to see exactly how much they can afford to use to pay down cc debt?  If so, weird!  :D

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