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Every time I buy things online at Amazon/Target/Walmart, they just show up as "shopping" in Simplifi. This doesn't work for me since the items that I buy can be in totally different categories.

This seems like a difficult problem, however, I also happen to use Shopify and the integrations they have with these companies allow for them to see my purchases. So if I buy a desk, a computer, and toothpaste on Amazon, Shopify will know what these items are and when each is arriving. If Shopify can separate out these items and knows what they are, then Simplifi should be able to do the same.


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    You might want to turn in an Idea post (i.e. feature request) that others can vote on.  This will give your idea a better shot at becoming reality!  Personally, I haven't used Shopify though it sounds interesting.  A screenshot may help us to understand.

    In the meantime, for all my big box stores, I found this helpful.  Under the Settings > Payee & Rules, I have this rule set up so the transactions download as Uncategorized.

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    Hi @Skater, I guess this is a function your payment method and the difference between whatever Shopify is/does and what your bank/financial service reports to Simplifi.  My understanding is that Simplifi downloads transactions from your banks/financial institutions and not the shopping site so the information Simplifi works with is what your bank/financial institution records/reports and not a list of what is specifically purchased. 

    I pay for most of my purchases with a credit card and the cc company will sort my purchases with what they call a "merchant code" and not based on the actual itemized purchase when they sort out my purchases for how my "rewards" are paid out to me.  I don't use Shopify so not sure what or how they do their sorting, but it sounds like they are seeing or passing through your actual product purchase at the shopping site and not taking their info from your payment source.

    I'll be interested in seeing if you get other input on this from one of our coaches or another community member.
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    Thanks for posting, @Skater!

    Although I'm not sure exactly how this information would be scraped, I do know that our Team is looking into ways to sync order details from at least Amazon. We don't currently have an ETA to provide as to if or when we may see something like this in Simplifi, however, there is an existing request here in the Community that can be followed for updates.

    Please be sure to add your vote and feedback there as well! :smile:

    -Coach Natalie
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