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Closing the curtain on June!

So June was quite the month.  We got out of town a couple of times, lots of taking care of grandkids now that school is out, finalized travel plans for rest of summer and into the fall!  And through it all, Simplifi help us keep track of our spending and the use of some of our Savings Goals.  And once again,,, it's green all the way!

Income after bills & saving:

All planned and expected income "Received"  Still need to look into why some of my transfers to savings show up in my Income and other's don't.  Again, the ones that show up are marked as Ignore in spending plan and reports since they are transfers, but still wonder why some show up and some don't. It's certainly not a big deal, just one of those, "Hmmm, that's strange." kind of things.
All expected bills show a gratifyingly green "Paid" across the board  I didn't have any missed bills show up this month and I'm 99.999% sure I've captured all our monthly, semi-monthly, semi-annual and annual recurring bills.  I enjoy being able to see the list of monthly recurring bills - it gives me peace of mind and a sense of control over that piece of our budget month-to-month.
Subscriptions - All PAID  ...and one subscription cancelled! The tricky subscriptions are the ones paid annually.  Seeing the list of Subscriptions in one place makes it easier to insure we aren't paying for stuff we don't want or use and keeping those that add value to our lives in line with what we pay for them.  Right now I list our cable service (yes, I'm still using a cable service! I know! I know! this is 2022 but I just can't quite get myself to "cut the cord" as they say) but I list my cable payment as a recurring bill and I list all our streaming services as recurring subscriptions.  I'll leave it like that for now since both the cable service "bill" and the streaming service "subscriptions" are categorized the same.
Savings Goals  All goals were contributed to as planned to meet each goal's timeline.  Two refinements to note: First, I will move a couple more Planned Spending categories to Savings Goals.  Along with others, I would love to see the development team add a roll over function to Planned Spending but for now this is the best way I can figure to make sure I plan for and cover non-monthly/irregular expenses. Second, one of those non-monthly expenses came due in June, Quarterly Estimated Taxes. That goal is now complete and paid.  I have set up and started funding the next payment due in September.

Planned Spending:
  • Made a few adjustments to spending limits, raising some and lowering others but adjustments were few and small.
  • With 6 months of Simplifi usage I now have a pretty good idea of how much I spend in each planned spending category and will start making adjustments to how much I allot for several categories.
  • I will move two more planned spending categories to Savings Goals to more accurately account for how those expenses occur.  If/when rollovers become available in Planned spending, I’ll move them back.
Other Spending:
  • I have a bit that showed up in Other Spending for June.  I'm starting to figure out and become more comfortable with this part of the Spending plan.  What showed up here in June was a forgotten annual subscription, an unplanned and non-recurring contribution to a non-profit organization that maintains a national index of bikes and bike related accessories, and a couple of new subscriptions my wife set up for herself... in other words - Other Spending!  B)  
Almost all of our spending was accounted for in our Bills, Subscriptions, Savings goals, and Planned Spending and we ended the month with an 18% surplus!

Now I'll wait to see if I am awarded any of those nifty achievement badges!  The badges I'm having difficulty earning are the Savvy Spender - can't seem to make it past 1 month! And the Prompt payer badge... Still waiting to get the first one of those.  Didn't get it in May even though as far as I could tell everything was paid.  We'll see about June.

That's it!  Thanks Simplifi for this great app! 
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