Define start date for all Simplifi calculations

ghorton Member
edited August 2022 in Feedback
Hi.  I just started using Simplifi went back three months of all downloaded bank transactions to get the categories to be accurate.  I have hundreds of transactions per month.  It's 7/9/22 today and I would have liked to define a start date of 4/1/22 for Simplifi to count transactions for it's calculations (reports, etc.).  I found in online chat that I cannot do that.  It would be great to have this feature so we don't have to hand edit old transactions not to be counted (they skew the stats since they often have incorrect categories assigned).

I did find out that I could bulk delete old transactions in the web version and I did do that so 6-month ranges of my stats are accurate now.  It was still a little painful as I had to individually define every transaction to be bulk deleted (this could be a feature request too, to bulk select transactions somehow, like opening a single month and telling the web app to select all transactions in that month).



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