Cash Flow, A Personal Story

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A tool like Simplifi can't actually fix cash flow problems like those discussed in various conversation strings in this forum.  What Simplifi can do is give me a tool that will help me manage my money so that cash flow isn't a problem but it can't actually fix a cash flow problem.

Many years ago I was talking with a friend about my cash flow problems (I didn't call it "cash flow" at the time, but that's what it was.)  Anyway, I was talking about my frustrations over my cash flow and how the then available budgeting tools weren't helpful at all. At that time budgeting tools were in the from of booklets you would buy and hand record all the things we now simply download into tools like Simplifi.  After several such conversations my friend finally said to me something that changed my whole perspective about cash flow.  He said, "Why don't you get a job that pays more money?"

I just sat there and stared at my friend for a couple of minutes as all kinds of thoughts ran through my head but finally said something like, "Well, huh."  Then I took his advice and went and found a job that payed better! In fact, both my wife and I went and found better paying jobs.  It took a bit of work and a few years due to the need for education and training in the areas we decided to pursue, but taking my friend's advice fixed my cash flow problem!

As it stands now the money we need to meet July's expenses has been in our cash accounts since May with enough investments to meet our needs well into our 90's and beyond if needed... all things considered.

Cash flow is an important aspect of budgeting and financial management and perhaps our amazing development team will come up with ways to improve how to track and present cash flow data, but I just wanted to share this bit of my own cash flow story.

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