anybody else having trouble changing categories

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reviewing my transactions (on web) by looking at the report then checking the corresponding transactions below

when I go to the transaction window, when I select the category for a transaction, then change it to another category, it SOMETIMES reverts to the original category, so that I would have to go INTO the transaction to change the category?

I DO get the popup that states the transaction was updated, but nothing has been changed.

am I missing or not noticing something?

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    Not saying this is the same thing, but I notice when that happens to me (and it does, frequently) I sometimes find that I may not have clicked the little 'save' button on the transaction details screen which is visible after making a change.  If, instead, you click outside that window (or otherwise close it) it will not save the changes made.

    Again, this is true for me, i cannot guarantee it's true for you.

    Rob Wilkens

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