All My Accounts are now supported by Simplifi!

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I had three manual accounts as of a month ago (accounts which were unsupported by Simplifi)...  

I decided to close all three, one I did a few weeks ago, the other two I did today.

Now all my (remaining) accounts are supported!  This is amazing having this support, it will make it easier not to forget to enter transactions.

I considered support for Simplfi to be a 'must' for the cards that I have, if i open another account support for Simplifi will be a factor. 

I was already biasing towards exclusively using the Simplifi linked cards, so it was just getting rid of cards that I no longer used.

Rob Wilkens



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    @RobWilk, congratulations.  While it’s not always possible, this is a good way to greatly reduce your frustration with Simplifi!  Having all your accounts supported, is a great feeling!
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    Thanks for sharing, @RobWilk!

    -Coach Natalie
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