How do I stop contributing to goals causing incorrect available balance?

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I am new to Simplifi. I created a goal. My automatic transfer from my bank went through and shows in transactions as hidden transfer related to this savings goal. Balance at that time showed correctly. I then selected that I contributed to that goal through Simplifi. It now shows Joint checking still correct balance, then shows the savings goal amount along with an available balance. However that available balance is wrong. It is subtracting the goal money which was already transferred and accounted for in the balance of the checking account. How do I fix where I can put that I contributed to a goal but not manually subtract it from checking account so my available balance is not incorrect? Thank you.

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    Welcome to Simplifi, @fancypantz!

    To clarify, Simplifi's Savings Goals are designed to be a mock situation -- the 'Available' balance shows you how much you'd have in the account after your contributions, ensuring that you don't spend that money on other items, and allowing you to withdraw those funds to "spend" for your Goal.

    In your situation, since the money is already being deducted from the account in real life, it sounds like you may not need the mock Savings Goal setup that Simplifi offers. Please be sure to take a look at our Support Article here for more details on using Savings Goals in Simplifi. 

    Let us know if you have any questions! 

    -Coach Natalie


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    Hi @fancypantz , Welcome to Simplifi!

    Here is a screenshot from the web version of what my Accounts list looks like with Savings Goals amounts and Available Balance for my Savings Accounts (you'll also notice I have a bit of TAB Checking set aside in a Savings Goal).  I haven't updated my contributions to Savings Goals so far in August that is why you see so much available in Our Savings and I just haven't moved the CD funds into the Savings Goal.  If you don't mind can you show us what you are seeing with your account register?

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