Credit card transactions and Expenses goes back only 90 days

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I just signed up and started adding my credit cards. Only transactions from the last 90 days are shown in simplifi. Is there anyway to show Expenses from more than 3 mo ago?

My checking account transactions DO go back more than 3 months. This is causing my Expenses by month to be inaccurate more than 3 months in the past because it doesn't show expenses from the cc but shows income into my checking account. 

I tried to toggle off the "ignore from reports" and "Ignore from spending plan" of the credit card payment transaction in my checking account, but still don't see the cc payment in my expenses. 

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    Hi @greenpistachio welcome to Simplifi!  I believe how far back the data you import to Simplifi is set by your bank or credit card company.  You can check on your cc website to see if you can download the date range you want in a CSV file and import that to Simplifi.  Here is an article about how to import CSV files.
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     Your in good hands with @DannyB’s reply.  If you find yourself still getting tripped up with the download process after reading over Simplifi’s very good article, let me know and I’ll share an unofficial, non-Simplifi approved link to a Google Doc with step-by-set screenshots that I put together awhile back when I was doing this process several times a month due to a manual, unsupported checking account.

     When I started using Simplifi, what you’re experiencing is exactly what happened to me too…multiple of my banks only downloaded up to 90 days back.  Danny’s recommendation worked for me to get a longer-term picture.  Just give some thought to how far back you really want to go.  Remember that the farther back you upload, the more transactions you’ll have to manually adjust!  It’s a balancing act for sure and there’s no perfect answer.
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