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So we have several different accounts with Wells Fargo, including one business account. I can see all accounts in Simplifi except for the business account. Over on my Wells Fargo account, it lists that account with those that are being shared. Why do I not see it on my accounts? Not having that data will be a deal-breaker for me because I need to track the income and expenses for my micro-business. Thanks!

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    To start off, I don’t have a Wells Fargo bank account anymore so I can’t really help you troubleshoot, much.  That said, I suspect it has something to do with the bank link you’re using to attach the account to Simplifi.  If your trying to use the same link (blue arrow) for both account types (Personal & Business), try using the business version (red arrow) for your business account and see if you have better luck.  If not, then we’ll have to phone a friend.

    With one of my bank accounts, I had about six versions of account links to try before I found the right one.

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