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I have a few ideas to improve the Projected Cash Flow on the mobile app. This screen is the most important to me in monitoring my balance over time. 

- Sort daily transactions with credits first. It sometimes shows my accounting going negative with schedules debits first then my paycheck on the same day. The current alert showing balance below $0.00 is wrong in those cases. 

- Show the minimum period balance next to the projected ending balance. I use this to see if I have extra cash over my cushion but it’s usually a hunt. It would be nice on the web app version but it’s easier to spot.
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  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @Akunosh,

    Thanks for sharing your suggestions with the Community!

    To gain more traction, I'd suggest creating a separate Idea post for each of your suggestions. Although they both pertain to the same feature/area of the Simplifi Mobile App, creating a separate post for each one will allow users to vote on that particular request, which allows us to get a better idea of who would like to see each ability added to Simplifi. It will also allow each post to have a catchier title.

    With that said, if you'd like to create a new Idea post for the second part of your request, I'd be happy to edit this post so that it covers the first request only. I think providing more info on the second part of your request would also be helpful, as it's unclear what specifically you're looking for. Please see here for more details on creating Idea posts in the Community. :smile:

    -Coach Natalie