Need a better way to handle many OTP requests on login/refresh

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App needs a better way to handle OTP requests.

Support for non-OTP aggregator access:
- Venmo needs OTP, [removed] and Venmo never needed OTP.
- Goldenstate Scholarshare needs OTP, [removed] supported the special aggregator link that did not need OTP.

Better user experience:
- Whenever I login or refresh I am bombarded by OTP requests.
- The site UX relies on async patterns, where UI elements op up, then disappear, then re-appear, this really does not work when sequential operations are required. (same with adding an account, or connecting bills).
- Biggest issue is that SMS OTP's are received out of order, and the FI's sending the OTP's do not include their names for security purposes, so when I log in I get 4 x OTP requests, and I get 3 x SMS messages, and one email. And for the SMS's I need to guess which PIN goes to which OTP request, that again pops up randomly.

I propose:
- Make all attempts to use aggregator connections that do not require OTP per session.
- For any account binding, bill binding, or OTP, make the UX synchronous/wizard, do not loose my focus when the flow may fail.
- Do not use async patterns where a spinner comes up, sometimes goes away, and sometimes out of nowhere a dialog pops up again, this is a web page, not a desktop.

Other than the app improving, is there something I can do in settings to improve the experience?


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