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I would like to be able to allocate a weekly planned spend to account for months with more or less weeks where that payment will be due.  Right now I see just a monthly option, can a weekly option be added to reflect more accurately the draw down on future cash flows?

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    Hi @Austen,
    Might need a little more clarification on your question.  Sounds like you are trying to set up a recurring payment in the Planned Spending section instead of the Bills section.  Is that what you're asking about?  

    Right now, Planned Spending in the Spending Plan gives you only a monthly option since the intention is to use Planned Spending for variable expenses such as groceries, gas, eating out, etc.  See this how to article on the Spending Plan for helpful info on how to use its different components.

    If you are talking about a regular routine weekly expense that is pretty much the same amount each week it might be better to set up a recurring expense in the Income after bills & saving section of the spending plan.  An example from my spending plan is our house cleaning service.  Our service provider cleans our house every two weeks and we pay on the day of service.  I have a recurring bill set in the Bills section set to recur every two weeks and this will capture those time when they clean a 3rd time in certain months.

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