Automatically categorize or tag certain transactions as work expense?

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I have a credit card in my name that I have dedicated to work / business expenses only. 

I would like to automatically tag or categorize all of the transactions from this account as a work expense and reimbursable. 

Is this possible, or do I have to manually go to that account to tag the transactions?


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  • DannyB
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    Hi @sanford78

    Since this card is strictly for business/work expenses do you even want to include it in Simplifi?  Do you need to include the expenses charged to this card in your personal spending plan?  

    If you do need to  include these expenses, I don't think you can create a rule to do what you are asking for a credit card account.  But since every transaction in this CC account will be a business/work expense perhaps a bulk edit will work best for you.
    • Hover over menu on left side of page.
    • Click on the credit card in the Accounts menu.
    • Click on the Select all box to left of "Date" to select all transactions or individually select the transaction you want to edit.  You can select a particular month by collapsing all but the month you want to select.
    • Select "Edit" next to Search box.
    • And then you can select a category and/or tag for all selected transactions.
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  • Coach Natalie
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    Thanks for posting to the Community, @sanford78!

    @DannyB offered a great suggestion! I would also suggest adding your vote and feedback here for the ability to create Transaction Rules based on Amounts and Accounts, as well as here for the ability to create Transaction Rules for Tags. :smile:

    -Coach Natalie
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