Treasury Bills, Notes and Bonds

I am new to Simplifi community. Can someone please let me know how to add Treasury Bills, Notes and Bonds?  Simplifi does not seem to connect to TreasuryDirect website. Thank you. 

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    Hello @Kandaswamy,

    Thanks for posting your inquiry to the Community!

    When it comes to managing your investments in Simplifi, if the bank you use isn't supported to connect to, you can track them manually; Simplifi will track holdings and cash for manual investment accounts. If a valid ticker symbol isn't available for your Treasury Bills, Notes, or Bonds, you can create them manually in Simplifi, however, Simplifi wouldn't be able to update the value automatically when doing so, and you would instead need to update the value manually, or by adding manual "cash" to the account. However, if the holdings in question have a valid ticker symbol, you can add it in Simplifi for automatic value updates. For more details on tracking investments in Simplifi, please see our Support Articles herehere, and here

    With Early Access, you can now also create Investment Transactions in Simplifi. However, Investment Transactions are a behind-the-scenes type of scenario, and they will not impact your Portfolio or Account Balances in any way. For more details on managing Investment Transactions in Simplifi, please see our Support Article here, as well as our Product Update post here

    Also, when it comes to connecting to TreasuryDirect specifically, it looks like this financial institution may be available in Simplifi under "Commerce Bank - TreasuryDirect". Have you tried connecting to this option, by chance? 

    Please let us know how it goes!

    -Coach Natalie
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