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I added my brokerage accounts but none of them are showing any transactions or even holdings underneath those accounts. It happens for Fidelity. Is this feature supported in the product?

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    Hi @Kandaswamy

    When you are able to make a connection with Fidelity (I'd contact support to troubleshoot that issue if you are still having it) and download you investment data, then transactions are available if you have Early Access turned on.

    To turn on Early Access go to "Settings" and on the "General" page turn on Early Access at the bottom of the page.

    Here is an article on Tracking Investments in Simplifi:

    Here is a post about Early Access to new feature for tracking investment transactions:

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    Hello @Kandaswamy

    Thanks for posting your inquiry to the Community!

    I'm sure you saw my response here, however, just to reiterate -- when accessing an investment account, you won't see holdings. Your holdings will only be available from the Investments section, and this is where the values will be updated based on the current market stats. More details on managing investments in Simplifi can be found herehere, and here

    When viewing an individual investment account, although you can manage your Investment Transactions here with Early Access enabled, you won't see holdings, and your Investment Transactions won't impact your Investments Portfolio or account balances in any way. More details on managing Investment Transactions in Simplifi can be found here, and we also have a post available here regarding this new feature.

    Also, when it comes to Investment Transactions, when initially connecting to the financial institution, if the data is over 90 days old, it typically won't download as transactions. However, some banks may provide even less data, and some may provide more. You should see your holdings displayed in the Investments section, though. 

    With this knowledge in mind, are you still seeing an issue with your investments in Simplifi? If so, would you mind providing more specific details, please? 

    -Coach Natalie
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