Re-order Dashboard Items on Mobile App [edited] (4 Merged Votes)

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We all want to see things in the order that matters to us individually. They are already cards, which should make this easy hopefully. Please consider it. Being able to order all the individual sections in the dashboard would be a welcome customization.

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The ability to customize the Dashboard on the Mobile App is now available!


  • simplij
    simplij Member ✭✭✭✭
    I would very much like to be able to reorder the top cards. For me, the Net Worth card is the one I most want to see each time I open the app. I'm sure others would prefer Investing or Property & Debt. Make us all happy and allow us to choose the order these cards are displayed.

  • Coach Tappan
    Coach Tappan Retired Coach ✭✭✭✭

    I like this idea myself. Right now, you can swipe left or right to select one of those opening summary tiles, but it would be great to have a "make this my default" option. You've got my vote!

  • Coach Tappan
    Coach Tappan Retired Coach ✭✭✭✭

    @simplij I agree with your suggestion to enable the ability to rearrange the "tiles" on the mobile app in the order that works best for the user. We're already doing this on the web version, so it makes sense to do the same on the iOS and Android apps. I don't know if it's an easy option to implement, but I certainly think it's worth our consideration. Thanks for your feedback!

  • mjodotcom
    mjodotcom Member ✭✭

    I think it would be very beneficial to be able to reorder what is shown on the dashboard when opening up the mobile app. For example, being able to have your spending plan right at the top so you can get a quick idea of how you are doing, or putting a watch category up there, spending pie chart, etc - really ordering the information in the way that YOU would like to quickly digest it when using it on the go.

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