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For those who aren't familiar with PayPal's free Pay in 4 option, it's very simple.

Let's Say Quicken released a Black Friday promotion of all of their products with a Lifetime License for $800. You know it's worth it, but you can't spend $800 right now.

But what if you could split it into 4 bi-weekly payments of $200 each? That makes it more affordable because you are now splitting it over multiple paychecks.

Here is a breakdown of how it would work
  • Quicken Promo: $800
Pay in 4 Payment Schedule
  • [1/4] Down Payment: $200
  • [2/4] Two weeks later: $200
  • [3/4] Four weeks later: $200
  • [4/4] Six weeks later: $200
  • The difference is that it was spread over 8 weeks instead of a single $800 payment.
  • That could be split between 4 or 8 different paychecks for some of us.
  • Best part? There is NO charge! Not even a credit card you have to sign up for.
Feature Requests:
  • Track all PayPal - Pay in 4 Payment Plans. 
  • Automatically add them to Upcoming Bills.
  • Set the expiration date for each plan.
How To Implement:
  • You think this should be easy to track if you have linked your PayPal account.
  • You may also be able to use PayPal's API to pull the plans and plan details.
Here are some screenshots of my current open Pay in 4 Plans to give you a visual example

Here is the upcoming payment plan for the selected purchase

My Current Process

  1. I am having to wait on the transaction to post 
  2. Then find it in Simplifi
  3. Make sure it's the right one
  4. Edit transaction
  5. Set as recurring bill
  6. Create a new recurring bill
  7. Each one has to have a unique name
  8. Set it as Every 2 Weeks
  9. Enter the Start date and End date
  10. Submit


  • As you can see, this can be quite a lot of work if you use the Pay in 4 as much as I do.
  • I know for a fact that there are several users who have this as their #1 Feature Request as well.
  • I'll be sharing them the link as soon as I get home from this terrible 4-hour chemotherapy appointment, so hopefully this will quickly get enough votes to get the attention of Development.
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