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Any way to add income that you receive once per year with the same employer on a different date? For example, your spouse gets a separate check for her bonus on a different date than her regular bi-weekly payroll.

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    Hi @PureWhiteTrash (  that's quite the moniker :o)

    One way to do this is to set up a separate/new recurring income reminder for that bonus check. 

    If your spouse has already received the bonus check you can do this by hovering over the transaction entry in the Transaction Activity for the account the bonus was deposited to and clicking on the 3 dot menu that appears on the far right.

    In the menu select the option "Create new recurring"

    this will create a new series for this transaction and a "Create Series" window will pop up.  Set the frequency to Every year and change the date to when you expect the next bonus check.

    If the bonus check hasn't been paid out you can manually create a recurring transaction for this income event and when the bonus is paid out and shows up in your transaction list if Simplifi doesn't make the connection, you can manually link it to the recurring reminder.

    Next year the reminder will show up in the month you assigned it to.  If you assigned it to say October 28, 2023 you can scroll forward to October in the Spending plan and you will see the income listed in the Income section.

    Hope that helps.
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