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hcaroselli Member
edited December 2022 in Getting Started
I installed Simplifi about 1 hour ago and I am setting up my account. At this point, I have 2 questions.

1. Re: current bills or income sources - If I pay a bill or get a paycheck regularly, I consider that a recurring transaction. When I set these up I am asked to enter the amount and although the bill or paycheck comes on a regular basis, the amount may vary. What is the best way to set these up?

2. When I was adding Investment accounts I was not able to add T. Rowe Price. It is not in the Simplifi database or something.  Why not? What do I do to track those investments?

Thank you.

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    Are you still looking for answers to this?  I noticed that your other post was about canceling your account.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a T. Rowe Price account so I can’t answer that question.

    Simplifi is Quicken's cloud-based option.  For what it’s worth, you might find this post useful in your consideration of Simplifi (click here).

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