Can the latest app version of the Investment Tile be edited?

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The updated App Investment tile on the Dashboard should show the All Accounts Total and Change +/- for the day based on the time of refresh. Currently this summary info is only shown by selecting Investments in the navigation menu. Showing all the holdings on the Dashboard isn’t necessary and is more info than should be on a Dashboard view. 

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    It looks like the dashboard tile in the mobile app is reporting Today's Change and Total Value.  The tile in the web app is showing a scrolling list of all holdings with total value and today's change for each holding.  I agree with @millsmn that the web app tile would be more helpful showing same as mobile app tile - Today's Change and Total Value for the whole portfolio.
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  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @DannyB,

    Have you upgraded to 3.25.0 on mobile yet? Once you do, you'll see that the Investments Dashboard tile on the Mobile App matches the tile on the Web App. 

    Since the above-referenced Idea post is requesting a general feature for all Mobile App Dashboard tiles, as opposed to one for the Investments tile specifically, you might consider creating a new Idea post for the Investments Dashboard tile specifically on both Mobile and Web (or even just on Web) so people can vote on it. :smile:

    -Coach Natalie
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