Feature Request: Allocate from...

papermuffins Member ✭✭✭
edited December 2022 in Feedback
With a monthly budget, often items may go over the expected spend. Rather than accepting this and allowing the monthly budget to simply grow in overages I adjust the allocation of a different category to compensate.

For example:
Groceries: Budgeted $100, so far spent $120
Fuel: Budgeted 120, so far spent $80.
I'll increase the allocation of Groceries to $120 and deduct that $20 increase from Fuel.

Right now, you have to manually select and edit the category you want to deduct available funds from and apply that difference to the one you want to adjust. 

It would be much faster and effective if I could have a single button in each category, that provided me a list of categories where funds are available and allow me to "transfer" an amount across categories


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