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The monthly break out of spending in Reports is somewhat helpful. But would be even better if it had the ability to show spending in the month or Year to Date broken out by categories in a pie chart. 

Budgeting is only helpful if you can see where the money is going - Simplifi is missing this snapshot view in reports. Right now to see YTD spending broken out by category I have to create a watchlist for every category …. 


  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @cczh,

    Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding the Spending Report with the Community!

    To clarify, are you looking for something along the lines of what's been requested here where it shows all Categories in a Report instead of an "Everything Ese" Category? Or are you looking for a pie chart specifically? 

    If the latter, I'm not finding any existing requests for this, so I would definitely suggest creating one so other users can vote on it, or we can turn this post into an Idea post. :smile:


    -Coach Natalie
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