First day impressions: faster to "not reviewed", add keyboard shortcuts, support hardware key

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Hi everyone, I thought I'd share some feedback as a Mint refugee and someone who desires to review every single transaction. Overall I am very pleased by the experience and I feel confident I am going to enjoy this product for the long term. Let's go straight to constructive feedback.
  1. There should be a shortcut to "not reviewed" and "uncategorized" transactions. It takes too many clicks for me to get from the home page to a clean, expanded view of the transactions I'd like to review. One alternative would be to allow/expose reusable URLs.
  2. In the transactions window, if I have previously collapsed the left "accounts" panel and collapsed the "upcoming" horizontal top panel, then keep them collapsed. I shouldn't have to click it again every time I return to this view. It's okay to expand them again at my next sign-in or the next day. In other words, maximize transactions view space (not just tighter rows, I already use tighter rows)
  3. Introduce Hardware security key MFA as soon as possible. SMS-based 2FA is a good start but not as strong as hardware keys. Let us all advance towards a more secure future.
  4. Please introduce keyboard shortcuts, for example `/` to search or `r` to mark as reviewed. And if you are not going to keep sections collapsed, then introduce keyboard shortcuts for collapsing.
  5. I should be able to select specific accounts and decide to share or not share them in  Spaces & Sharing
  6. Allow auto-hiding zero balance accounts
That's it. Thanks for reading and I'm secretly hoping some of you already found workarounds to the above :P


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