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Can you scan & capture receipts for auto-entry?

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I just starting using Simplifi, and maybe this functionality is already possible with the app and I just haven't found it.  Is there a way to snap and capture a receipt and quickly record a transaction on the go? I'm wondering if there's an easy way to enter a quick transaction while you're at the store, for example.  

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  • MinB
    MinB Member
    Thanks, DannyB!

    QuickBooks can scan receipts and extracts the transaction info for matching. I only use that app for business. I’d love this functionality for Simplifi, which I’ve recently starting using for household finances. 

    There are other apps that can do this- Expensify is one. I believe Evernote is/was able to run OCR over the image to make text searchable. I can also use the notes app on my iPhone to snap photos of text and it will create a pdf with selectable/searchable text. 

    How convenient it would be if I could just scan in receipts and deal with matching details later. 

    Also, I do wish there was the ability to attach PDF files to transactions and not just images. 
  • MinB
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    Okay thank you Coach Natalie! I’ll create an idea post and hopefully we’ll see this functionality soon :)
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