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Unable to add my wife to a space

System Administrator admin
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  • bjork24
    bjork24 Member
    Tried unsuccessfully to add my wife to a space. She created a quicken account using the email that the invite was sent to, but she only sees a subscription sign up page when she logs in. Can't bypass it. Any suggestions?
  • Coach Natalie
    Coach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hello @bjork24,

    Thank you for reporting this issue to the Community, although I'm sorry to hear that your wife is unable to access your Space via Space Sharing. 

    To clarify, is she trying to sign in via the Simplifi Mobile App or the Web App? If the former, there is a known issue with Invitees being asked to create a Subscription when signing into the Shared Space from the Mobile App. If this is the case, please have her give it a try from the Web App.

    If the issue is also occurring from the Web App, please attempt and confirm the following information:
    1. Did she receive the invite via email? If not, please have her check her spam folder.
    2. If so, did she accept the invitation by clicking the link in the email?
    3. Can you see her listed as a Member in your Space Sharing settings? 
    4. If so, have you tried removing and re-inviting her, by chance?
    More details on using Space Sharing can be found here. Please let us know so we can best assist!

    -Coach Natalie
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