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I would like to connect my Amazon to keep track of my monthly subscription.  Is there a way to accomplish this? 

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    Hi @sccoutee

    You should be able to track your Amazon subscription(s) through whichever bank account or credit card you use to pay them.

    I pay my Amazon subscriptions via my Amazon cc and have these payments/charges as recurring subscriptions.  My Amazon cc is issued by Chase and I have add this account to Simplifi so all my transactions are downloaded into Simplifi and sorted by Simplifi based on my Reccuring transaction rules.

    If you are asking about adding Amazon as a biller, I haven't tried that and I'm not sure if that would work or if it would be helpful.
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    Hello @sccoutee,

    Thanks for posting your inquiry to the Community!

    It would be helpful to know exactly what you're looking to do. As @DannyB mentioned, you should be able to track the payment to your Amazon subscription by connecting to whichever bank you use to pay it and adding your accounts. 

    If you're looking to track your Amazon subscription as a Recurring Transaction in Simplifi, you'd want to set up a Recurring Series for it. Then, when the transaction downloads from the bank, you'll be able to link it to the Recurring Series and track that your subscription has been paid. Please see here for more details on using Recurring Transactions in Simplifi.

    Additionally, you'd be able to link the Recurring Series to the Biller using Bill Connect. However, I have my Amazon Prime account linked via Bill Connect, and it's not beneficial in any way since the amount doesn't vary and it's due on the same date each month. Please see here for more details on using Bill Connect. 

    I hope this helps!

    -Coach Natalie
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