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Hi - I am having a lot of trouble with 'pending' items and how to deal with them because they seem to mean different things depending on the screen and the action allowed is also different.

1 - Sometimes pending is due to a card swipe that has not cleared. I can manually say 'cleared' but don't until it has cleared. When it clears, I end up with two transactions, the pending one and the cleared one with no way to say they're the same.

2 - Sometimes pending is a predicted future transaction and the only options are to delete reminder or delete series. If that item has posted, I cannot simply say that. Deleting the reminder gives me an error that the function cannot be performed at this time. Deleting the series means I won't be reminded of it in future.

There are also 'upcoming' items (named that on the 'planning' screen, but names as 'pending' in other places. After the due date passes, it's possible to match this with an existing transaction, but only from a specific screen which you have to navigate to from the Dashboard ->Upcoming. You cannot do this physically from the account the transaction is expected to post from, or any central place for reminders. Also this screen is separate from where you ADD recurring items which seems to be hidden away in the settings.


  • Coach Nicole
    Coach Nicole Administrator, Moderator admin

    Hi @Wooloomooloo2 – Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’m happy to provide some further insight into pending transactions. We only use the pending status on two types of transactions: manually entered transactions that haven’t cleared your bank or transactions that downloaded in that state from your bank.

    If the pending transactions were manually entered, Simplifi would automatically change the status for you once it downloads as cleared from your bank. While we’ve worked hard to ensure Simplifi’s matching capabilities are top-notch, there may be times Simplifi doesn’t match correctly. In those instances, you may have duplicate transactions and will need to delete one of the transactions.

    If the pending transactions were downloaded from your bank in that status, Simplifi would automatically change the status once it clears your account. However, if you change the status of the pending transaction to cleared, you could cause duplicates. We recommend not changing the status of pending downloaded transactions.

    The predicted future transactions you are referring to aren’t considered pending transactions. Those are your recurring transactions (transactions that happen regularly) and will either show a status of Today, Upcoming or Waiting. You can think of these as reminders of upcoming bills so you can plan ahead. If Simplifi downloads a match to one of those recurring transactions, it may show in the register in a pending state until it clears your bank. At which point, Simplifi will match the recurring transaction to the cleared one and move it from the Calendar view to the register.

    Regarding matching past due recurring transactions, you can match transactions from the specific account you expect it to clear from. All banking account registers in Simplifi offer a Calendar view at the top right corner where you can view and manage your recurring transactions. However, you are correct; you can only match a transaction through the register view.

    I hope this information helps!

  • OK thanks for the feedback.

    This isn't the behavior I am seeing. If I go to the "insights" tab, which is a nice way of filtering transactions by time or type or category, at the top of the transaction list I see 6 or 7 pending transactions. Some of them allow me to 'clear' or leave pending and others only allow delete reminder / delete series, BTW neither of which function (see screen shots).

    1st screen shot is the Wet Whistle Wine transaction. 2nd is the NY Times transaction and 3rd is if I try to delete the NYTimes reminder (as it both posted and is still pending).

    *** edit no screen shots because you can only add URLs and not upload. I'll try and post it from home
  • Coach Nicole
    Coach Nicole Administrator, Moderator admin

    You are correct; you'll see a pending transaction in the Insights view. However, the transactions in a PENDING status in that view are still as I described – they're either a manually entered transaction that hasn't cleared your bank or a transaction that downloaded in that state from your bank. If you see another type of transactions in a PENDING status in those views, I recommend reaching out to our support through the messenger icon at the bottom right side of Simplifi so we can take a look at what's going on.

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