Splitting Bills and Expenses; Paid Back in Venmo

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I'm wondering if there's an easy-ish way to split bills/expenses in Simplifi while being paid back others' portions via Venmo? For example, I went out to dinner and paid for the entire bill and then was reimbursed by friends. I tend to do this somewhat regularly in order to rack up credit card points, so any solution to this would save me lots of headaches :smile:

Pardon if there are already articles/threads on this, I couldn't find them.

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    Full disclosure, I’ve never used Venmo.  Could you just categorize the transaction that’s the payment back using the same category (ex. “Eating Out”) as the original transaction?

    In the end, this would make it so that:

       Original Transaction -$100 “Eating Out”
    + Refund Transaction +$50 “Eating Out”
    = Total spent on $50 “Eating Out”
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