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Not sure how long the Achievements section has been part of the forum but just discovered it myself and since there are no discussions here, thought I'd change that with a post about my Achievement Badges.

Last year when I first started using Simplifi I remember getting a notification that I had received an Achievement badge.  I clicked on the notification and was taken to the Achievement modal where I found I had received a Prepped for Prosperity badge for adding an account to Simplifi.  Soon after that I received my second Prepped for Prosperity badge - the "Setup Spending Plan" badge. The second day of using Simplifi I set up a Savings Goal and was awarded the "Created a Savings Goal" badge.  I was feeling pretty proud of myself with those shinny badges to my name and then on my fourth day of using Simplifi I received the "Created a Watchlist" badge!

I've seen some comments by some that they think these badges are silly and don't have a place in something as serious minded as financial management and that budgeting should be a sober minded endeavor with no room for playful and childish things like these achievement badges.  I really don't know what to say about that.  But I can say that I get a kick out of collecting these badges.  It is a PLAYFUL way to celebrate financial achievements and I for one appreciate these small tokens of a job well done.

In fact I hope the team will keep coming up with other Achievement categories to award badges for like the Prompt payer category added in May 2022.

  • Two weeks away from receiving my fourth Calm and in Control badge
  • I'm a few months away from earning my final Savvy Spender badge (had a set back with this one but on track now)
  • Still "working" on my first Prompt Payer badge - have no idea what's going on with that  B)
  • Maxed out on Prepped for Prosperity, Sensation Saver and Asset Accumulator
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    This is a wonderful assessment @DannyB!  Agree with all of it.  I love the Achievements…even those that seem unattainable.
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