How do I find a missing transaction?

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A credit card transactions was downloaded into my account and I accidentally changed the date to a prior year and now I can't see the transaction anywhere. I made sure there are no filters or search criteria which would cause it not to appear. I know the transaction is still in there somewhere because if I add up all the credit card transactions for the current month it differs from the balance by exactly the amount of the missing transaction.


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  • MrGood
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    If you know the transaction amount, you can actually search by that too.

  • DannyB
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    I'm guessing you searched by other criteria also, payee, category, sort by date earliest first?

    You could always re-enter the transaction. If you do and leave it pending your balance will change, but if you mark it cleared your balance will return to what the bank reports. Then you could try running a report for the specific category to see if you have a duplicate?

    @Coach Natalie will be along sometime and will have some ideas for you.

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    @theoracle39 ,

    Did you ever find your missing transaction? If not, one thing that has tripped me up a few times is making sure that I'm searching ALL Transactions and not just in one specific account.

    Easiest way to do that is to just click on Transactions and the default view is to show you a list of ALL your transactions in ALL your accounts.

    A couple times, I moved a transaction from one account to the next without realizing it and this has saved me.

    Also, might you have accidentaly changed the date to the future? If so, it would have moved it out of your check register and into the "Upcomming" boxes right underneath the projected balance graph

    Some realted things:

    • The way Simplifi is designed, it's not the end of the world if you enter the transaction into your account and there's a duplicate already there - somewhere. It's not ideal, but it shouldn't throw of the account balance or projected balance graph - which in my mind are the two most critical things.
    • It's easier to do larger searches like this from the desktop/laptop as opposed to mobile.

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  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @theoracle39,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community regarding this issue!

    As mentioned by others above, I'd suggest attempting to locate the transaction by using the search function. You can search for the Amount, Payee, and Category. I'd also suggest performing the search from the "Banking" tab instead of the individual account in case the transaction was accidentally moved to a different account. You can also run a Report as @DannyB mentioned to see if you can locate the transaction that way, or even use Filters in the account register to try to narrow things down.

    If you're unable to locate the transaction, I'd suggest manually entering it. If the account is connected to the bank, the balance will always stay in line with what the bank is reporting, so manually entering a transaction as "Cleared" will not impact the balance.

    Please let us know how it goes!

    -Coach Natalie


  • theoracle39
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    I sorted all transactions by the amount and it didn't appear.

  • theoracle39
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    I wasn't able to find the transaction, but as Natalie said the balance stayed in line with what the bank is reporting so adding it manually seemed to work fine. Thank you all for the help.

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