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So, Simplifi is causing me great frustration. It's super hard to explain fully, but basically 'ghost' debit transactions are being added to a savings account.

I called support for help, and, in short, the support rep just kept telling me, "That's a manually created transaction." Either they were unable to, or unwilling to try to understand the problem. So I said I need to talk to someone who can try to understand what is happening. They refused to let me talk to someone else! I have had a lot of great support experiences over the years and several not-so-great one and handful of bad ones. Refusing to transfer a frustrated user to another representative is about as bad as it gets.

It is a shame b/c Simplifi has a lot going for it.



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    @Boydston , could you perhaps provide the community with a couple screenshots that might jog someone’s memory? Make sure to include a screenshot of the transaction with the info about how the transaction came to find itself in Simplifi.

    I can’t say this is something I recognize, but hopefully someone else does.

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    Hello @Boydston,

    Thank you for sharing your feedback with the Community, although I apologize for the poor support experience.

    I went ahead and passed the interaction along to leadership so it can be reviewed for coaching opportunities. In the meantime, if you'd like, we can have someone else contact you back via the phone. Otherwise, as @Flopbot mentioned, please provide more details as to the issue at hand so the Community can best assist.

    -Coach Natalie

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    Thanks, Natalie—one of the big challenges and problems is that when I call support, THAT is the time to look at the issue. Because, 1) that is when I have time to go over it with someone, and 2) I have to fix the transactions at that time so that I can keep using simplifi, so there's nothing to screenshot right now. This is the kind of thing that support needs to take the initiative on they are called. They are supposed to be the experts on exactly what they need to help diagnose the buggy behavior, walk me thru helping them get what they need, and then fix the actual transaction mess so that my data is correct.

    Thanks for passing to leadership. It is unacceptable to not be transferred to another rep upon request. Just think about it: transferring me to another rep should have been initiated by the rep. After a little while, the rep should said something like, "Hey, I am really sorry—I am clearly not being able to help you in the way you need and it's frustrating. Do you mind if I get someone else on the phone with you. Maybe they will be able to assist you better. Is that ok?"

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