With Chase "weekends" bug, I had an overdraft

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The bug Simplifi has with Chase on days the bank is closed…

Caused me to overdraw my checking account.

Fortunately, I had overdraft protection, so it just took it from savings.

But I want to re-emphasize, this bug is a major bug.

It's unfortunate Simplifi's answer is to say it's not fixable.


Rob Wilkens



  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @RobWilk,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback, although I apologize for this experience.

    If I remember correctly, after months of working on the issue, it was Chase who decided they weren't willing to make a change. With that, I'd suggest contacting Chase directly to share your experience and help make them aware of the issue. Knowing that this is an issue, I'd personally also not rely on the balance displayed for that account in Simplifi over the weekends or holidays, and would instead check my bank's app.

    Sorry for not having a better answer or a solution for you!

    -Coach Natalie

  • RobWilk
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    It seems i need to cross reference simplifi (manual) transactions with the bank balance. In this case a tmobile debit (ach) occured days after i entered it, and it wasn't immediately reflected in the bank balance.

    I will write chase tonight.

    Rob Wilkens

  • DannyB
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    Personally I've never relied on any finance app for accurate bank balances. In the "olden days" when I wrote checks for a lot of expenses I kept a running balance in my check register in my checkbook and during those days I did count on that register to keep tabs on my balance. But I also know that, based on experience, it often wasn't right on in the accuracy department and so I would call or drop by the bank to check on my balance to be sure it was accurate. Then along came the internet and now I log into my online bank account fairly regularly to keep tabs on my balances. It's no more "burdensome" then logging into Simplifi or any other fin app and, on my banks website, I know I'm getting the most up to date info.

    For me Simplifi is a great tool to help me manipulate my financial data gathered from my various financial institutions so that I can have a pretty good picture of how I'm doing. It's a good planning tool, a decent data exploration tool and, for me, a fun way to keep tabs on my finances, but it's not the bank and thus I don't rely on it for up to the minute information about my checking, savings, credit or investment accounts… I depend on my various institutions as my primary and only accurate source… and if they screw up, they cover the cost.

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    Good reminder to ’trust but verify’ @DannyB .

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  • RobWilk
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    Well, I wrote Chase yesterday, as suggested.

    And I didn't get a "no".

    The response was more like:

    "Hello Robert,

    We appreciate your time in sending us this message and
    will be glad to look into this for you."

    So, maybe something will happen.


    Rob Wilkens

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