Spending Watchlist 3-month average should include ‘previous’ 3 months and not include current month

Unless I’m viewing it wrong, the spending watchlist 3-month average accounts for the current month and previous 2 months. It seems to me it *should* use the previous 3 months. Otherwise, it gives a false average. Ex: If I usually spend $800/mo on groceries, and in the current month I’ve only spent $250 (because its early in the month), the average will include that $250 and show a “lower” average than the real average that I usually spend on groceries. Let me know if I’m looking at this incorrectly. Thx.
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  • In my watchlist, the "monthly average" is always very low at the beginning of a new month, because Simplifi includes the new month in the average, even though it's only a few days into that month. I don't think an incomplete month should be included in the average, because all categories will show low spending until the very end of the month. For example, since it's September 3rd today, Simplifi should only use the months up to August to calculate the monthly averages.

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    Hello @Mike128,

    Thank you for posting this request here! I have gone ahead and merged your post with an existing Idea thread for this same request.

    Please be sure to add your vote! :smile:

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