Where is the best place to report missing bank connections?

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In Mint, I can connect to Bright Start Savings (a 529 plan) but in Simplifi, it only shows Bright Start - Advisor (which is for the financial advisor-sold version) or Bright Directions (which is a different advisor-guided 529 product). I would like to request that the Bright Start Savings account type is added. Login is at https://csp.ubtrust.com/paweb/logins/login.aspx?planname=Bsdir&user=shareholder.

I think there should be a single sticky thread for all account addition requests.

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  • I would like to see US Bank Mortgage updated. I was actually able to add it by chooseing US Bank Credit card. That's obviously a little confusing when adding an account

  • Coach Nicole
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    @reverik Thanks for letting us know! We'll get this reported. :smiley:

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    I have reported Morgan Stanley missing in other sections of this web site. Seems that this is correct place.

  • Coach Paco
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    @rickthau We have added it to our list!

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    @Coach Tappan said:

    @bowgy4, We'll be posting any new accounts we add in this forum, so thanks for the recommendation!

    I haven't seen any new institutions posted.

    Is there a separate post where you're listing all of the new institutions as they're added? A good chunk of my financial picture is missing without that account and I think it would be pretty easy to add because you have the advisor option for Bright Start already added and I just need the consumer site so I can download my balances and investments. Is there any hope of getting that added before the end of the year? I do have access to this institution fine in Mint. Is it possible to just copy the access from that product?

    Also, thank you for creating the new section specifically for additional institution requests!

  • Coach Paco
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    @bowgy4 We haven't received any word on when we will be able to add additional banks into Simplifi. We're hoping to get them added as soon as possible, but don't have an ETA. I appreciate your patience with us while we work on this :smile: !>

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