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iPad Issues. The iPad is my main device. Simplifi on the iPad has a lot of issues and almost isn’t usable
PLEASE make a native iPad app, some of the web app UI is hard to use on the iPad
Simplifi crashes when I go to Insights then Net Income and when I touch on the bar charts. It says “Uh Oh, Something isn’t quite right here”
It’s really hard to select sub categories for new transactions on iPad
The left menu than slides out doesn’t go back without taping outside. This isn’t good for the iPad
The keyboard doesn’t always show up when using the Web App and not Safari, especially when trying to log in.
Rotation doesn’t always work right
MFA user interface is not good. On the iPhone app, I log in, then I get and MFA request, I asked to have it texted, I get the code texted, then it populates the repose field automatically. On the iPad the requests come out of order and the text message codes don’t get automatically populated. This would be fixed if you had an iPad app.

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  • cgriffin2157
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    Make sure you report that crash on the net income thing in the bugs section of this forum.

  • jaarso
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    I definitely agree that there are some frustrations on the iPad. A few minutes ago I was trying to select a subcategory and was not able to. Please either create an iPad app or enable full functionality on the iPad safari browser.
  • Coach Tappan
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    @cgriffin2157 @jaarso Thanks very much for your comments. Our development team is aware of most the issues you describe using the web version of Simplifi on the iPad, and are working to fix them, but we also understand your interest in an implementation designed specificially for the features and functions of the iPad. Please let us know what other problems you're experiencing, and we encourage you to follow this topic by clicking the Gold Star icon at the upper right, to get immediate updates about this issue.

  • jeffzacharias
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    If your long term solution for the iPad is a web based app and not a native iPad app then I won’t be sticking with Simplifi.
  • Coach Tappan
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    @jaffzacharias I'm sorry if I wasn't clear. I understand that your request -- and the subject of this topic -- is for a native iPad implementation of Simplifi -- that is, one designed and optimized specifically for the unique features and functions of the iPad -- the same way Simplifi's mobile app is specifically designed for handheld devices like the iPhone. That definition might extend to other tablets that share most of the iPad's attributes, as our mobile app does with Android devices. That's what other users will be voting for when they click the counter in your initial post.

  • Is there a future where Simplifi will have a dedicated iPad App?

  • Coach Tappan
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    @jacobryanhughes A separate "native" or "dedicated" version of Simplifi designed specifically for the iPad is a request we regularly receive from our users, as illustrated in this lively discussion thread in our Community. I recommend you add your vote to that topic, to help move this up our priority list. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • larry
    larry Unconfirmed, Member

    Add my vote to iPad version needed. Small screen great for daily transaction and overview big screen makes planning and reports much better to use

  • Just use safari works great

  • jorder
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    Safari doesn’t work well. The web app crashes on various screens, mostly on the report screens if I want to drill down into the data, looking at detailed monthly reports for certain categories. Am using the latest and greatest versions. No crashes in the iPhone app on the same screens, so definitively a web app issue. It’s been crashing for months, so not a new issue,either.
  • msimon87
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    Just started using Simplifi and would love to see this!
  • MMD
    MMD Unconfirmed, Member
    I agree with this completely. I'm currently using another service that has both an iPhone and iPad which is VERY convenient. The web interface on an iPad is not reliable based on what I'm experiencing so far. Trying to make a decision to switch to Simplifi or not right now.
  • RyanB
    RyanB Member

    Just signed up for the trial and Simplifi is very close to being able to replace the two product approach we use today (Mint + Quicken Mac).  Lack of a functioning iPad app is a deal breaker.  Tried using the web page - it’s frustrating to try and categorize transactions, and crashed within a few minutes of my first use.

    Guess I’ll cancel and check back in the future.
  • kterveen
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    Any updates on availability of an iPad app? Similar to others, iPad is my computer these days. Thanks.
  • Nomadic Cat
    Nomadic Cat Member
    I posted elsewhere but adding my vote. I’m on a trial and can make the web app work to some degree but not sure how long I will last.... Finance is too much “fun” to fiddle all day with popping up keyboards and bad drop downs all the time. 
  • jorder
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    Couldn’t agree more - despite numerous bug fixes for the web app, it’s just not conducive to real work / editing on an iPad. Half of the time I spend reorienting the screen to get to the menu point I need, and half of that time it doesn’t work. It’s probably fine for people with 2 accounts, but not for anybody who needs to scroll through long lists of accounts. I mean, there is an iPhone app, so why not port it to the iPad screen, like so many other competing apps? 
  • i3Rick
    i3Rick Member
    iPad native app would be excellent! As Navigating the Simplifi website on an iPad does not work so well
  • n2it
    n2it Member ✭✭
    Maybe it's just me, I find Safari to work just fine - I'd prefer resources be spent adding new features (as well as fix any reported Safari on iPad issues that y'all must have already reported)
  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello All,

    Great news! We are looking for Users who are interested in spending 10-15 minutes with our Product Team to discuss an iPad App. If you are interested in this, please schedule an appointment using this link:

    Thank you,

    Coach Natalie
  • I absolutely need an iPad native version in order to renew my subscription
  • RyanB
    RyanB Member
    Still no iPad app?!
  • JMP
    JMP Member
    A native iPad app would make for an improved user experience.  The web app works, but is sometimes frustrating or glitchy.   +1
  • any update on this?
  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @Rkg,

    Thanks for the inquiry!

    At this time, it looks like this request is still being considered, however, please be sure to stay tuned for future updates. :smile:

    -Coach Natalie
  • +1 I'd like to see this as well
  • SRC54
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    Definitely need an iPad app as many are replacing older Macs with iPad Pros.  One of my main reasons for considering Simplifi is that Quicken requires a Desktop PC.
    Simplifi since 2021
    Microsoft Money/Quicken since 1991/2009

  • dsdxp
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    Please make an iPad version of the app!