I am a Microsoft Money user and am loving Simplify so far with some restraint. I have been told that I could ADD subcategories to the Categories, but have yet to prove that theory. Ant suggestions, because I'm out of options. I went to SETTINGS and then CATEGORIES and TAGS, I attempted to ADD "FOOD" to GROCERIES, but it would not save the subcategory.



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    @tomlutz I'm sorry you're having difficulties creating new subcategories. There are two ways you can use to accomplish that. If you create a new transaction -- for example, by clicking the "+ADD" button on the Transactions page -- and begin typing a new item in the Category field, you should see text that says "Create [NewCategory]" with a dropdown arrow to its right. Clicking that arrow will bring up two choices: "Main Category" and "Subcategory of" with another dropdown arrow to the right. Clicking on that arrow will bring up a list of all of the original categories, plus any categories you've created.

    The other way is a little easier, but not as convenient. Click on the "Tools" icon on the menu bar to bring up the Settings menu, and select "Categories and Tags." Then click the "+CATEGORY" button, and begin typing your new subcategory under "Category Name." You will then have the option of typing in the field under "Subcategory of" to begin searching for the category you want to assign your new subcategory to.

  • tomlutz
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    The first suggestion did not work, but the second way did. Thank you. It's not a friendly process and should be very straight forward. I was attempting to go into INSURANCE and just type in the EMPTY field, which is allowed. I was attempting to add it and it just wouldn't go. Your setup of the CATEGORIES and TAGS suggests just what I explained to you. That you could find you Category and TYPE in the EMPTY SUBCATEGORY field and just easily ADD that SUBCATEGORY by depressing the CHECK symbol to the right of the row, next to the DELETE button. Thank you though.

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    @tomlutz I see your point. Thanks for your feedback.

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