Hi, I'm peggsie

I'm about two weeks into my trial period and I'm enjoying Simplifi so far. I especially like that Simplifi pulls down pending transactions from financial institutions. It just makes spending that much more complete. I'm still learning about linking and whether a transaction should be recurring or not. I'm still using Quicken Deluxe but I'm not planning on renewing it later this year. It's a'ways been more than I've needed to track spending . Also, I deleted my Mint account yesterday.


  • Coach Tappan
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    @peggsie Welcome! We're pleased that your experience with Simplifi has been a good one so far! We appreciate all of the feedback we receive from our users, because it helps us to make Simplifi work the way you want it to. Please share any suggestions, problems, or questions you may have with us. We'll do your best to keep you as a Simplifi customer!

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