Move Recurring section to side bar [edited]

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Can you move this to side bar. its a bit hidden

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  • Coach Tappan
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    @cardman1010 Thanks for your comment. To make sure we understand what you're looking for, would you like the "Recurring Series" option to be moved out of the "Settings" submenu on the Simplifi mobile app, and given its own listing on the same level as things like "Accounts" and "Spending Plan"? I'm guessing it was originally put under "Settings," along with other functions that need managing, like adding or editing Financial Institutions, Categories, or Tags, to keep the main menu from being several screens long. If your request is for the web version of Simplifi, there are similar issues to be considered.

  • tapierce
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    I think consistency is key, if you move it in the app you need to move it in the web version also.  Not just one or the other.

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