Rules for automatically including/excluding items from the Spending Plan [edited] (1 Merged Vote)

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I'd like the ability to have rules to automatically include/exclude items from the spending plan. For example, I don't want interest or dividends to count towards my spending plan - those should automatically go towards savings/investments. We can create rules to categorize similar-looking transactions, but not to say that particular categories should always be excluded. This would be really helpful!

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  • Mrsterry
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    I would love a way to create a rule that automatically hides transactions in spending plan, based on either a category or tag. Example: I incur several work based expenses on a credit card every month that are reimbursable. I remove them from my spending plan so they don't skew our personal budget/plan, but track them (and my reimbursement checks) via a watchlist. Right now I have to reclass every transaction three times - change the category to work expense, add a reimbursable tag and toggle 'remove from spending plan'. It would be great if I could create a rule that every time I tag something 'reimbursable' it removes it from the spending plan. Thanks!

    (PS. I did a search for a similar topic/thread but couldn't find - apologies if this is duplicative.)