Method for managing cash?

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Hi all,

As many of us do, we occasionally get cash during a grocery store trip for "walking around" money. I recognize that this is an obvious budget leak, so want to track how that cash is spent as well.

I have been just categorizing as "Cash & ATM", but then when I spend it, how to reconcile this? If I create a manual transaction, the only choices for the account are the ones previously created so it seems that I need to manually create a "Cash" account and instead of categorizing it as Cash & ATM I would categorize it as a transfer to Cash account. Then I can manually create the spend transaction and select the appropriate account (Cash).

Or am I overthinking this?

I tried the above and got a popup when re-categorizing the ATM split as a transfer to Cash that read:

"A warning before you continue...
Before you continue...
-We did not find a matching transaction in the account Cash. Click continue to create a manual transaction, or Cancel to abort."

I *think* this is what I want, as it will then create a "deposit" for the amount transferred.

Update - it looks like this is a method that works. Let me know if any of you have found another method that you find to be more useful/better.

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    This is how I manage cash transactions, as well. I haven't found anything better.

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