View Spending by Category Report in a simple table (edited)

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Rows are categories, columns are months. Categories should be expandable/collapsable. Just like quicken does.

Right now you can't see everything in one overview report. You have to click into and outof each category, and the order is always changing. It makes it so hard to navigate and read.

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  • Coach Tappan
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    @prat0088 We appreciate the suggestion! With Simplifi, We created the Insights section to give users a number of ways to review this information. For example, you can select "View by Month," and then sort by Category. Or you can choose "View by Category," select the date range you want to review, and then sort the results by date. I've found that the process that works best for me is to use the Search function on the Transactions page to display only items from a specific category, and then sort the results by the field I'm interested, like date or payee. But we're always looking for better ways to give our customers what they need to manage their finances better. Thanks for the feedback!