Roadmap of future/pending features?

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First, let me say I think Simplifi is a great product and really appreciate how open minded and responsive the coaches here are. It gives me lots of hope for the future of this app.

But I also recognize there is room for improvement. There are several features that have been promised or requested for months (import transactions, categorization rules, de-activate accounts), but no timetable for implementing them has ever been offered. It seems the personal finance app space is suddenly ripe with competition (tiller, monarch) looking to fill the void the Mint has refused to fill for years. And some of these new comers are already offering these features. Monarch in particular allows for simple and intuitive transaction rules. But having invested my time and money in Simplifi, I’d like to see it beat the competition. I think Simplifi needs to incorporate some of the mostly frequently requested features very soon, or at least give its users an idea of when to expect them. Otherwise, I fear more appealing alternatives will present themselves.



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    Hi @bcrossman -- Thank you for the feedback. As a new product, we're constantly working on ways to improve and enhance our product. However, we also have to address higher priority issues on the basic functions before we can add new features. I want to assure you we're working on adding features, such as importing CSV and deactivating accounts, but we don't have a timeline to provide. Sadly, there are too many factors that can delay the release of features, so it's hard for us to provide an exact date. We have a goal to have CSV implemented within the next month, but again it is subject to change. I'm so sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you. We greatly appreciate your feedback and support.

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