Hierarchical table breakdown of category spending in Spending Report [edited] (3 Merged Voted)

prat0088 Member ✭✭✭

I have many many nested categories. I want to see my monthly spending in a single table, with category rollups.

As it stands now I have to click into individual categories in a weird ring chart. To me it is very opaque and hard to use.

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  • smrtrich
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    edited April 6

    This might not just be specific to Insights Spending by Category but could we choose the date range for the report output. You have some predefined ones which are good (like This Month, Last 30 Days, Year to Date) but being able to select the date range manually really is high on my want list.

    Also when you look at the report you get a breakdown of the Categories and then you have to click on the Categories to see a breakdown of the Sub-Categories. Could we see the Category breakdown along with the sub-category breakdown right under it.

    This way when my spouse and I are looking at our budget we can see everything on one screen without having to do a bunch of clicking. This would let us have a quick check-in on how the budget is going.


  • Coach Tappan
    Coach Tappan Retired Coach ✭✭✭✭

    Thank you for this suggestion. A few other users have asked for some of the features you mention, but your request is very clear and specific, and we'll definitely call it to the attention of our development team!

  • bcrossman
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    Two excellent suggestions! Flexibility to select dates and then view/export reports would be great!

  • Coach Tappan
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    @bcrossman I agree. We especially appreciate this kind of feedback right now, during this launch period. We're working to make Simplifi work the way you want it to, and all of your suggestions are welcome!

  • EL1234
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    I could use both of these features!

  • Coach Natalie
    Coach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hello All,

    Thanks for the great feedback here!

    As the ability to set custom date ranges is now available for Simplifi's Reports, this Idea has been edited to include the request for a sub-category breakdown without having to click on the category in the Spending Report, only.

    Please be sure to add your votes if you'd like to see this ability added to Simplifi! :smiley:

    -Coach Natalie