Is there a way for users to see the "Road Map"?

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Simplifi Coaches,

In multiple posts, you've referred to "it's on the road map".

So, my question is, can us Simplifi users see the "Road map"?

We'd completely understand if the one we see is pretty generic and if everything was marked SUBJECT TO CHANGE, but it would be really great to get a general sense of where Simplifi is going as a software...especially since I'm still in my trial period and I'm not sure this program will work for me.

Specifically, for me, I'm trying to get a sense of whether recurring Savings Goal transactions (currently ~25 votes) are even a possibility in the next year or two.  If not, then Simplifi probably isn't the software for me and I'll need to jump ship from Quicken...a company I really have come to like since the split with Inuit.

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    Hello @Flopbot,

    Thanks for the inquiry!

    Unfortunately, we don't have anything specific to provide in regards to what's on the "road map". We communicate information regarding requested features, etc., by way of our Idea posts available here in the Community. We do our best to keep the Idea Statuses updated accordingly, and we also make sure to always post about new features and try to keep everyone in the loop as best as possible.

    If you have a question about a specific feature, you are always more than welcome to post about it so that we can research and get an update for you. With that being said, in regards to the Recurring Transactions for Savings Goals, sadly, this has been delayed and we have no ETA to provide at this time.

    In the meantime, I would definitely suggest following along with the corresponding Idea post for any updates:

    Sorry I don't have a better answer, but I hope this helps! :blush:

    -Coach Natalie


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    HI @Coach Natalie

    Okay, thank you for the reply.  I'll keep an eye on the Ideas & Updates sections of the community.

    FYI, This post (click here) with 25 "likes" is also related to the Recurring Savings Goals.
    Quicken Desktop user since 2014.
    Brand new to Simplifi in 2021.
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