What is the number 1 feature that you'd like to see added to Simplifi?!

Coach Natalie
Coach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin
We'd like to get your input on features! What is your favorite feature in Simplifi, and what feature are you dying to have?

Please let us know by commenting below! :smiley:


  • I would love to be able to import more than just the payee, amount, and date. The ability to have a column for account and category would be very helpful!
  • purdnost
    purdnost Member ✭✭✭
    Widgets for Watchlists
  • mverbree
    mverbree Member ✭✭
    I would like to see transfers added as its own tab to the spending plan, I use them for brokerage, when my teenage son paying for his cellular bill, etc...  I have to make them all bills and with the brokerages, I am actually breaking the transfers so I can track the transfers as bills.  Even simple things like paying monthly for a credit card could be tracked here.  I see these differently as a standard transfer that I would not want to track the way it is setup now.
  • Skewball
    Skewball Member
    Month over month net worth report.  Better investment dashboarding and reporting.
  • purdnost
    purdnost Member ✭✭✭
    Correction: Widgets for Planned spending
  • lmb
    lmb Member
    I'd like the ability to email bill notifications directly to the Simplifi app. For instance, I just got an email from my doctor's office saying that I owe them $76.88, due September 23. I want to wait to pay that until I get paid on September 15. But I have ADHD and will forget about this in 10 minutes, never mind a whole week, and trying to do this manually is a task I will never keep up with. So ideally, I could forward that email to [email protected] and it would automagically add a bill reminder and account for that money in my reports.
  • Ali
    Ali Member
    Investment transaction/account history - similar to quicken
  • Automatic carry-over of planned spending balances, both positive and negative.  If I set aside money each month for something I know I will need in the future, but don't know when it is going to happen, it should accumulate in the balance of that spending category next month.  Likewise, if I over-spend in that category, the negative balance should carry over to show that you went over your planned spending and should not spend again until it is properly funded.  I know I can set custom amounts each month, but when you have dozens of categories, that gets pretty tedious.  
  • mjn1979
    mjn1979 Member ✭✭
    Net worth graph...last 30 days, last 90 days etc. That's basically the only thing I miss about mint.:)
  • Havensd74
    Havensd74 Member
    For me, these all tie for first - Better investment reports, net worth tracking, ability to set up a savings goal (or planned spending) in the spending plan that can be used with a brokerage account. 
  • mverbree
    mverbree Member ✭✭
    Would be nice to have price history for each stock so some limited research can be done here.  Also in cryptocurrency, would like to see the transactions show up from the brokerages like Coinbase or Robinhood.  Finally a graph of my cost basis verses actual price of overall portfolio.  Understand that this may be outside the scope, but just a long term suggestion, maybe.
  • msimon87
    msimon87 Member
    +1 for Net worth tracking data and graphs.
    Also ability to hide closed accounts. 
  • Ability to add notes to transactions.  Example:  Add detail to an expense such as what an Amazon purchase was for.
  • TWO suggestions:

    1) the ability to create rules by transaction amount - I have various subscriptions through the app store, but they all show up on my account as "Apple" so it's hard to automate categorizing and renaming

    2) an iOS action to import Apple Card transaction history directly on the phone (as opposed to sending to desktop)
  • jloescher
    jloescher Member
    The ability to include investment accounts in Savings Goals. With savings accounts interest rates being what they are, even with market fluctuations if you place an emergency fund in an investment account and invest conservatively you have a better change at matching or staying ahead on inflation. Personally I have 1/3 of my Emergency Fund in a Savings account and 2/3's in the market. However without having the ability to add Investment Accounts in a Savings Goal it appears I am off target.
  • jloescher
    jloescher Member
    Broaden the Cyrpto Holding pairs supported in Investment accounts. You support some but not all. Some that you don't support are MATIC, AMP, and others.
  • I can't print or export reports?  Seriously?  This is absolutely necessary and should be added.  Why have a report feature that cannot print/export the reports?
  • Investment account transactions - at least transfers in and out until y'all finish the rest of the Investments framework. I'm tired of generic "Transfer" transactions when most of them are in and out of my brokerage account.
  • Reporting by tags that break down expenses by category over whatever period I want
  • On the main dashboard, asking if the transaction is monthly it’s tough to answer with zero information other than the dollar amount. To accurately answer the question I’d like to see payee at a minimum.If I could at least tap on the question and be brought into more detail that would be fine as well.
  • wbweston
    wbweston Member
    edited September 13
    "Projected Cash Flow" needs to INCLUDE "Planned Spending" items. AND the Projected Cash Flow items need to be itemized above the Transaction Activity while showing your running balance.

    So you currently have "Transaction Activity," above that I would like "Projected Transaction Activity" and see a projected running balance. Basically this is just itemizing the projected cash flow line chart. This way you can see an itemization of the projected cash flow and how each transaction affects your projected running balance. This without having to mouse over each item on the line chart. Way easier to see. Then if possible be able to enter future transactions in the list as well and make them recurring or one time.

    Then this needs a dashboard widget.
  • Being able to run reports on transfers, definitely. Also rules that allow for categories to very depending on the account. Paycheck splits could be helpful too, but lesser priority.
  • alx
    alx Member
    edited September 14
    More support for Crypto! B)
    e.g. linking Robinhood, it shows my Ethereum (ETH) investment as Ethan Allen Interiors Inc :cry:

  • I would like an annual spending plan view or at least the ability to move forward by month on the spending plan view to see future spending. 
  • woodsy
    woodsy Member
    edited October 4
    Really like to see Amazon and Venmo charges be pulled in instantly and accurately. Other competitors (removed) show Amazon transactions with item descriptions which is a dream. Also if you add a # to the transaction it gets added to the right category on the tool. Love the Simplifi UI and UX but with the amount of purchasing I do on Amazon and with Venmo I won’t be able to continue using this tool if I can’t link those accounts here. 

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