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Get rid of "Everything Else" and show all Categories on the Spending Report graph (edited)

ChrisHardie Member
edited December 2021 in Feature Requests
Please support displaying all categories on the Spending by Category report.

Use case: I want to show my wife a breakdown of our spending for a given time period. Right now, the report is limited to the top 9 categories plus an "everything else" line item. I can click on it to drill down, but that makes the report not very useful for getting a true snapshot of our spending across all categories all at once, especially when "everything else" amount is much larger than any of the top categories.
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  • The lack of the capability to easily create a report showing all categories and total amount spent in each -- which is a very basic capability available in every other financial or budgeting software -- makes Simplifi decidedly unattractive, unfortunately. 
  • graceandkevin
    graceandkevin Unconfirmed, Member
    I totally agree, I need to be able to see all categories. I get you can't do it in the pie graph, which I don't love anyway, but you should be able to do it for the line graph and as a table below the graph. When I look at a whole year I don't care about the individual transactions but a table of all categories is critical. Other things that would be great:
    • Compare to previous periods
    • Add goals by month or year per category and show % above or below the goal
  • Totally agreed. Very difficult to get an accurate understanding of spending pattern changes when you can't see all the categories. I understand the need to group the smaller stuff, but I'd like to be able to decide what gets grouped together and what doesn't. Thanks in advance.
  • MoneySkeets
    MoneySkeets Member ✭✭
    While I love this app for tracking my finances when you really want to peel back the onion on reporting this application falls really short.  Exactly 8 categories tall.  There is absolutely no way to see over a period of time on a single report where did my money go!  Common guys this should be very easy to do!!
  • SZR
    SZR Member ✭✭✭
    PLEASE consider adding this.
    The top few categories is so limiting!

    I understand the top few in the pie chart view, but in the bar view we need to be able to see more than a few lines at once please.

    I'm actually starting to download these and make a graph in excel to get the full picture as the website ne is too limited.

  • Mgt
    Mgt Member
    Reports are not helpful!  I need a true category report.  One that is a summary of transactions by category, with a list of all categories.  Not just "top" spending categories and a graph.  I need to be able to compare to PY, quarter to quarter, and month to month.  Not sure why you didn't develop reports a little more in depth than you've done.
  • Retta G
    Retta G Member

    Agreed! This would be much more helpful and seems it would be easy to implement. Hopefully something they add very soon!!

  • Flopbot
    Flopbot Superuser ✭✭✭✭✭

    For anyone viewing this post, quick note that you can click on the Everything Else line…

    And see what is in Everything Else…

    Sure, it would be nice to see it all on one screen, but you can get at the data from the exising Spending by Category report with a button click.

    If this were implemented, I'd only want to see it implemeted on the Bar Chart, NOT the Pie Chart.

    Quicken Desktop user since 2014.
    New to Simplifi in 2021.
  • DevO
    DevO Member

    Dear God yes, one more in the long LONG list of voices that hates the "Everything Else" category when using the Bar Chart.

    The Bar Chart doesn't even take up the whole browser window. There's literally no reason to not display all categories down to the smallest one. People have 100 or more categories? Fine. Let 'em scroll in their browser. At the very least, give us a checkbox for "do not display Everything Else" or let us set a threshold below which things are grouped into the "Everything Else" bar.

  • RobWilk
    RobWilk Superuser ✭✭✭✭✭

    There would probably need to be a scrollable area to show all the categories in (because the app otherwise limits itself to screen size) to support showing all the categories, but i voted for this one a while back already…

    Rob Wilkens